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Normally, we visit hair salons to judge hair types. Hair salons give wide idea of your hair style and hair health but there are some easy ways to know the basic idea of your hair style and hair health.

Try this small and easy test to find your hair type and hair health at your home.

Hair Type Test:
Pull a strand of your hair out and place it through a stitching needle. If the hair slides through it\'s fine or most likely straight.
If you\'ve got issues threading the needle or if it gets caught on the approach, your hair style is perhaps thick, wavy or permed.

Hair Health Test:
Another way to test is to take a glassful water. Take a part of your hair and insert it within the glass of water. If your hair floats, it\'s healthy or is also a little oily. As you recognize, oil floats once further to water.

If your hair sinks,that indicates the hair sucks a good deal of water. This implies that your hair lacks wetness thus it should be dry.

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