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Friends, today I am going to show you the easiest way to make a cute french twist hairstyle. I have added 5 simple steps with images to create this gorgeous looking cute girls hairstyle.
It is gorgeous, relaxed and easy. It can also be wore as cute hairstyle for school.

Have a look. Please share this post if you like this.

Step 1

First, drag your hair slightly to the right side of your head, only a little off-center. Then with your other hand, insert a bobby pin vertically, upward from the bottom.

Step 2

Going by the lowest part of your head towards up, slip in a few of bobby pins vertically as shown in the blow image, crisscrossing them to hold the hair firmly. End up by pushing in the last bobby pin downward.

Step 3

Accumulate hair in one hand and twist tightly with the other hand. Try to pull up.

Step 4

Slip in bobby pins horizontally into the twist base of the hair twist you created just now, crossing with the upright pins to grip the hairstyle.

Step 5

Set up the hair endings, allowing it to come down freely. Spray hair softly to keep the style in place.

So, now, it's are ready with your cute french twist hairstyle, within a few minutes.

Please share if you like this hairstyle.

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