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It has been observed that women of all essence and kinds of hair often have curly hair fantasies for bringing a change in their appearance. It is important to know first that which type of curls suits your personality and shape of your face because it is not mandatory that every type of curls can compliment every face.
The fashion of curly hairstyles seems to be never ending despite of the involvement of severe chemical substances and harmful effects associated with their achievement. However, you can blissfully play with your hair by curling them without using some of the harmful products which can damage your precious hair.
There are two types of curls which can be attained without any damage to hair; i.e, Short Curly Hairstyles and Long Curly Hairstyles. In this post we will discuss the basic steps for short curls. My next post will be on long curls.

Short Curly Hairstyles

Steps include in attaining small curls are as under:

* Cleaning and conditioning
Firstly comb your hair from the roots to the tips. Start massaging your scalp with your finger tips softly to loose dirt and dead skin. Then use warm water to wet your hair. Use a fine quality shampoo for curly hair by rubbing it first in your palms and then apply it on your wet hair. Rinse scrupulously with warm water. Then apply a sufficient amount of dermatologically tested conditioner, preferably one containing organic Moroccan oil to nourish your beautiful hair. Wash again with warm water then adding a blast of cold water to give your hair a shiny long lasting glow.

* Removal of excess water
Now it’s the time to remove extra water from your washed hair. Take a clean towel and squeeze the excess water out very gently. Then enfold the towel around your hair and let it absorb some more water but don’t let your hair dry completely. You can use a leave-in conditioner if your hair type is extra dry or frizzy.

* Divide hair into portions
Break up your hair into four fragments, keeping two segments at the apex of your head and other two at the bottom.

* Braid your hair
Make each one of the four fragments of your hair entwined with a hair tie positioned at the end.

* Wait for locks to dry
Let your hair dry along with the braids (twists) on. You can have the entwined hair lingered for whole night so that you can make a classy hair style the next morning with no difficulty.

* Remove hair ties
Bit by bit take the hair ties off, and let your hair get released from the twists. Comb your hair softly with your fingertips for a fine touch and enhanced curls. For providing more volume to your twisted hair you can squash it and give a lift to your hair by applying a hair spray at the root. Women with dry hair can also use moisturizing sprays or moose for shine and softness.

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