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Welcome and embrace 2014 with new Runway-inspired Spring Hairstyles. These natural hair styles may include ponytails, muddled buns, half up and half down, silky waves, cute braids, side part, and other hair embellishment accessories. Runway hairstyles are not only very impressive and captivating but also very easy to carry. In this article you may be able to find various styles keeping in consideration 2014 hair trends.

Side Parted Hairstyle

7 Gorgeous Spring Hairstyles

Untidy Buns

A messy bun can be carried in parties as well as in small get to gathers. For a perfect provocative and sensual appearance make muddled buns in the middle or side of your head. There are only 3 steps for a foolproof way to get a messy bun. Firstly, tie a loose pony tail setting the height of it as per your wish. Avoid using a comb, you don’t need to give a finished look to the pony. Secondly part your hair into 3 fragments and tease.

Teasing is the most vital step in making a messy bun as it brought a revolution in this messy bun game as it adds an untidy and rough texture to your bun without putting much effort. Lastly divide the teased hair into 2 sections and enfold the rest of the hair in reverse direction. Don’t pin your hair tidily, instead put a bobby pin at an inch from the strands bottom, letting the tips to skirmish around your bun creating a messy impact. For more glamorous look, pull out a few rough layers of your hair around your face.

Half Up and Half Down

Half up and half down hair style is considered to be super sexy for almost every kind of occasion. Whether these are curls, straight or wavy hair, half up and half down hair style can make you the belle of ball wherever you go. Separate your hair to half for making a ponytail on the upper part of your head. Tie this part with a flexible band and let some of the strands to fall down naturally. To add a gorgeous touch, tease some of the hair on top of your ears and pin them up with bobby hooks. Girls with curly and wavy hair can make use of anti-frizz products before going for this style. A bun can also be made at the top of the head letting some loose hair strands fall over the face.

Cute Ponytails

Make a glam ponytail by making use of flat iron to get straight hair. Now assemble all your hair into a tight high ponytail in mid. If you don’t want the band you are using to tie pony tail, you can cover it up with little portion of your hair from the pony, securing it with bobby pins. You can add shine to your hair by using serum or other hair products available in market to bring shine and glow. In the end use a hair spray to maintain your style safe and secured in its place.

Gentle Waves

Get heavy volume to your hair by acquiring deluge waves. Making segments of your hair from whichever side you want, use a one-inch iron to give your hair beautiful curls and start from the neck area bringing the iron down to the tips. Use your finger tips to settle your hair and apply hair spray to make your curls safe and long lasting.

Beautiful Braids

Apply any hair texturizing product to your wet hair to make a loose braid. Without using hair brush , blow dry your hair. Now when the hair are dried, pull them back and start braiding from the collar all the way down to the tips. For more ideas on braid hairstyles, visit my YouTube channel

Side Parted Hair

Keeping your hair straight, let the heavy portion of your hair at one side where some of your hair strands fall over your forehead and let a little portion fall on the eyebrows.

Hairstyle Accessories

Bring charm to the basic daily wear hairstyles by doing spiff up it with dazzling hairbands, barrettes, hooks, and ties etc.

Here are some more Spring hairstyle photos to get ideas about above stated Natural hair Styles....

7 Gorgeous Spring Hairstyles

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