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The customary “white wedding” cannot give the bride that freedom to bring her desired appearance out what Vintage wedding Hairstyle can provide. And  that is what I like about vintage wedding.  Vintage brides have a plethora of options and opportunities to adopt the old but everlasting fashion to make their wedding an extra ordinarily momentous and illustrious day. The options for accessories, shoes and dresses for a vintage bride are boundless and limitless.

As far as the bridal outfit is concerned, vintage bride can revive the old fashion and get her special day’s dressed prepared making mishmash of old and new trends. Same is applicable for her hair-do and make up. Hair styling is very important matter that should be decided enough time before the wedding day. Hair-do takes time to get finished and this is not the thing that should be decided at the moment because at that time if you don’t feel satisfied with your style, it will take a great deal of time to re-build. However, make up can be removed and re-applied if not done satisfactory. This article will help you out in this regard by providing you the choices with different vintage hairstyles.

First of all, decide the era you want to evoke for getting the certain look in you want to create.  For instance, if you are inspired from the eras of 20’s and 30’s, you can go for the timeless fashion of flappers. As per the traditions, the flapper style is the one that is now known as short bob with the choice of carrying it straight or wavy. Ladies with short hair can go confidently with the classy wavy bobs and can be remembered as a wonderful bride.  Icons like Screen Siren Marilyn Monroe have already settled the trends of carrying this hair style as a stunning vintage style.

Similarly the era of 40’s and 50’s also provide vintage bride, a number of ranges for hair styling. Updo, curled long hair, half pinned up hair and many more famous hairstyles of that time can give you a gorgeous look as vintage bride. Be careful if you are going for an updo, it’s a typical hairstyle and you need an expert to make it look as lovely as it really should.

The hairstyles of the 60’s and 70’ can bring luxe to the vintage lover brides. Beautifully styled king-sized bun, popularized by Audrey Hepburn, can be made by a vintage bride to attain elegant and graceful looks. Hippie style can be revived as well with free flowing curls or straight looks.  Another ceaseless and wonderful hair style of this era for a vintage bride is Farrah. It gives you a "feathered" look, getting the layers curled back from the face, and letting the waves wrap the rest of the hair.

It’s not necessary to adopt a fashion of specific era if you want to beautify your wedding with a vintage touch. You can think of vintage hairstyles in broader theme as well.  You can add things by your own and make a mixture of different eras popularizing their wonderful hairstyles for a perfect classy look.
For becoming a picture-perfect bride, you can add a cherry at the top of the cake by embellishing your hairstyle with a splendid accessory. You can accessorize your vintage hair style with number of items such as bridal crowns, Rhinestone and Pearls clips, crystal headbands, real flowers, bridal hair combs, fancy vine tiara, lace spangle headbands and much more.  Such accessories can add a perfect finish to your glamorous vintage hairstyle.

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