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Who does not like hair braids? Specially if it is curly and light. The biggest advantage about these hair braids is that the process is really easy to reach and they do not need a much time.
This cute hairstyles for long hair style or medium length hair style. Though, you can not fashion it for most event, and easily combine with all types of fashion clothes. Try today this cute and easy Curly side hair braid with MuviCut.
Start by coiling all of your hair lightly with a mat iron. And then back-comb all of your roots to add body and hold for the bobby pins. Part out the hair on the big side from your ear forward and clip it apart for next. Put it on rest and lay it in a down side ponytail.

Then drag the long hair midway through the pony to make a loop. Apply your fingers to crease and disperse the curls around the hair braid by pinning the hair in situ to produce a messy roll. Bring down the resting hair and dress a loose waterfall braid. Curtain the ending of the hair braid across the crown of the messy roll and fix it with bobby pins and wind up with hairspray.

Go with the image to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid easily.

Final Look of Cute Curly Side Waterfall Hair Braids

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