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The long hair myth: "Regular long hair is conventional. If you do not prefer to excel, it's your finest look. It appears gracious for occasions such as marriages and proms. You do not need hair cut as often and lazy hair allows you be lazy as you are able to simply put it in a ponytail."

Wait, do not get depressed. I had short hair earlier, when I was young ( now, I am not too much aged to call by Ok, as I grew I have grown my hair. And, I can assure you I regret never for my new look. I never thought of my hair cut to short hair style (though I like short hair styles also).. If you style your long hair in a right way it can be gorgeous. I really feel like princess ( when I style my long hair. Everyday I try to do some new hairstyle of my own and I think I do really well with my long hair style when I find others around me can't just ignore my hairstyle.

Find below some gorgeous hairstyles for long hair to have an idea how it goes well.

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