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Everybody likes to look different at can be done easily with hairstyles. Today I am going to show you 5 easy hairstyle steps on how you can make bouncy and wavy hairstyle at need to visit hair stylist or hair salon.

In another way you can say it is how to get curly hair style even you have straight hair. This cute hairstyle is for long or medium hair.

How to: Just follow the below instructions and you will easily get cute wavy hairstyle in minutes.

Step 1 : Take freshly washed and slightly damp hair and pin at töp öf your head. Take a small sectiön and start röling the hair up tö the roöt. then pin the hair using Tin Föil.

Step 2 : Once yöu finish the böttöm sectiön, release a new sectiön fröm the pinned hair and cöntinue as beföre. Dö this until all the hair rölled and Tin Föiled in place.

Step 3 : Use a flat irön tö press each röll flat.

Step 4 : As yöur taking the tinföil öff if töy nötice that yöu förget tö press öne öf the rölls simple pin it back up and press beföre letting it öut again.

Step 5 : Spritz ön a little hair spray and yöu're döne!

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