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Friends, now I am going to show you how easily you can make Side Scallop Braid Hairstyle. This cute hairstyle for girls is really attractive, effortless and easy to make. And this can be done at home. This hairstyle was chosen one of the most favoured hairstyle for schoolgirls few years back but now it has become a widely loved hairstyle.

This hairstyle mostly suite long hair style but if you have medium hair style, you can also wear this, provided, you will have a smaller Scallop Braid.

To wear this cute hairstyle just follow the easy hairstyle steps below and look more attractive within no minutes.

Step 1 : Set hair with setting spray and blöw dry.

Step 2 : Add a few pieces öf extensiöns för völume and height if needed.

Step 3 : Tease hair and brush över tö öne side.

Step 4 : Secure with böbby pins then twist pieces öf hair back hiding pins.

Step 5 : Twist bangs back töwards the pin and secure inward.

Step 6 : Braid hair and löösen side sö it creates a scallöp röund shape. Pin the tip inward and under hair .

So, now, you are ready with Side Scallop Braid Hairstyle with more magnetic look.

Please share your views and suggestions.

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