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This is the hairstyle first shown in the New York State Fashion show 2011. Since then it has become one of the cute hairstyles. You might have to hold till coming New York State Fashion show to wear the fashion styles shown there, but you are able to begin titling your hair just now on the best of the cool hairstyle trends presented by the top fashion designers around the World. Hair Braids are best pick of the season and I loved the braided bun hairstyles seen in that fashion show.

Here are the one I picked for today. You can do this cute hairstyle easily at home.

 Begin with light shampoo your hair. After that dry your hair with medium to low blow.. Make a division down the halfway of your head, parting by the forehead to the nucha of your neck like you are making aside for pigtails.

 Now, make 2 down pigtails and apply a rubber band to bind them. Braid both pigtail and once you are done, wind them around the rubber band so it produces a knot.

 Use hairgrips (i.e. bobby pins) to keep the braids in position and duplicate the action for the other pigtail.

 Lastly, apply stronghold hair spray to stop any flyaway s!

If you want some variation on this cute girls' hairstyle, you can attempt a single braided side bun or other hairstyles shown in the above images. Begin with pulling out a lean layer of hair in the forepart to display your hair bangs. And then, repeat the above said steps to produce your braided bun hairstyle.

Do some fun experiments with your hair for some amazing and cute hairstyles! Attempt an off-centered break or playing with another displayed parts of hair in the forehead to produce a new hairstyle unique to you.

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