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Hello friends,        
      Today I'll share the idea of one of the most romantic is basically a French Twist hairstyle....and...definitely I'll show the easy steps to get it done at the peace of your home.

It is really simple and there is no need for smoothing each-n-every hair. Actually, letting those little hairs out will add more beauty to your hairstyle. On the contrary, more care can make you look more serious and may be,

OK, lets start the Cute French Twist....just follow the hairstyle image carefully.

 Start with your hair prepped. Use some medium to strong hold mousse and any Dry Texture hair spray. The product base is what will bring your hair more executable.

 Push your hair up to a mid top ponytail but don't hold it with a hair band. Whilst you hold the ponytail with one hand, create a “L” shape with your other hand.

 At this point you need to get a bit tricky. While you progress to your neck, your “L” must look like inverted.  Catch the crown of your ponytail with your inverted “L” hand, copping it with your finger.

(This is not our proprietary image:used only as example )

 With your ponytail copped, bend and flex you hand from back to upwards, curling the ponytail around your finger. This is what frames the French twist!

 Catch the curled ponytail with your other hand, and lightly take away your finger. Holding the placement of the twist, begin blocking the loose end of the ponytail within it to produce a buff.

 Use bobby pins or other designer hairpins to hold it at place.

Now you are done with Cute French Twist Hairstyle. 

So what do you it so difficult to do? I believe, it is rather difficult to explain than doing this cute girls hairstyle. OK, may be the very first try can't give you your desired romantic look...just practice some more time.

Try this cute romantic hairstyle on date, marriages or in some traditional parties. I am sure you'll be the center of attraction.

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