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5 Strand Braid

Strand braids has become a hairstyle fashion today. These hairstyles are very easy to create and requires less to no effort to maintain. If you have long to medium hair style you have definitely tried 2, 3 or even 4 strand braids. Today I am going to show you 5 easy steps to 5 strand braid hairstyle. I know, you might have read this earlier on other sites but most of those hairstyle tutorials are either do not have clear instructions or those are very confusing. It happened to me also. Now, I have mastered the art and now I can say confidently, this hairstyle is very much easier than it looks to be harder.

These cute girls hairstyles are best and easy hairstyles for school, college or work.

So, let's start......

5 Easy steps to 5 Strand Braid

Step 1: Brush your hair with thick hairbrush and split hair into 5 strands. If your hair is too dry to split properly, use some hair spray.

Step 2: Hold strand 1 and move it over strand 2 and turn it below strand 3

Step 3: Thread strand 5 over strand 4 and turn it below strand 1

Step 4: Just continue repeating above two steps i.e. wander strand 2 over strand 3 and below strand 5 and again, thread strand 4 over strand 1 and under strand 2.

Step 5: Redo the steps till the end of your hair length. Then hold the end of the braid and bind with a hair ribbon or a simple hair band. You can use bobby pins to provide more strength to your cute 5 strand braid.

I know, it is little bit confusing for them who are doing this for the first time. Just go slow and understand the hand movement on each step. You can seek help of someone of your family or friends of you can practice with someone else before you try to do for yourself.

To understand better and to help you do it yourself I have added my youtube video below.

5 Easy steps to 5 Strand Braid with Video Tutorial

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Some more cute and easy hairstyles with Braids:
This hairstyle can be turned to other cute girls hairstyles also. You can use these hairstyle steps to create French braid by bringing more hair to each one step. Find how to do french braid tutorial here.

Or you can pose the braid over your shoulder to create a side braid hairstyle. In this case you need to start by splitting your hair from a side of your head at step 1. Find more cute and easy side braid hairstyles here.

Create braids to half or 2/3 rd part of your hair length. Do not braid till the end of your hair length and just curl the rest of the hair to get an unique look. Even you can leave it as horses tail for more magnetic look.

Just use your imagination and play with it a little bit to find more cute girl hairstyles.

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