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The fashion world is changing everyday and so the Swimsuits for Women. Since inception of swimwear (guessed to be in 1687) it has become a separate fashion segment. Still deciding the best swimsuit for your body can be a scaring task for almost all women. The main reason may be the most swimsuits available in the marketplace are one-size-fit-all type which may not fit your body perfectly. Secondly, it is really confusing is to choose the right cut and color. We want to appear as modest, still attractive and hot. But, remember, wearing a modest swimsuit does not mean that we need to wear a full-body one piece bathing suit. On the contrary, a short, 2 piece suit with right fit and color can make you look more humble.

Today, I have picked Top 25 Swimsuits for Women, trending this year .... Best Swimsuits Of 2015

Before I proceed to the photo gallery, here are some tips while choosing bathing suits.

1. Decide first Whether you wish to go for one piece bathing suits or 2 piece swimsuits

2. Then think where to wear that. As example, for a family trip it is good to wear one piece swimsuits or two piece swimsuits with light color suit.

3. Carefully check the size of the top.... it must go with your body line.

4. One point to highlight here ... those who have shorter legs should opt for a suit that have high cut on the thigh region. They can also wear suits with vertical strips with solid colors.

5. Similarly, a tall woman should avoid too dark and solid colors. All bright colors should go well. The neckline should not be too high.

6. When you are looking for a "plus size bathing suits" you can have one piece bathing suits those have laces with interlock cut-ins. A 'V'-shaped suit with whirling patterns in solid shades goes well for plus sized women. To balance big bottoms, you can try swimsuits with broader straps with horizontal necklines. Even you can go for Tankini Swimsuits.

Enough said .... please look to my  collection of Top 25 Swimsuits for 2015.

For more idea on Swimsuits for Women you can have a look to my earlier post on Trendy Swimsuits


  1. Hi, what is the brand of the swimsuit you are showing at the top? the one piece black with gold trim?
    thanks so much

  2. Please post purchase links....

  3. @Heather Please go here:

  4. Where can I purchase the two piece gray and yellow swimsuit?

  5. amazing, lace black bbathing suits was very elegant ..

  6. Goona Love it! They are One Of Awesome Collection of Best Bathing Suits. Wana See More Post like this! An Is there any sell orBlack Friday Sales on it!


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