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Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair with Red Hair Color? Most of the celebrity hair stylists say that the demand for the Red Hair Dye is increasing everyday and about one in every fourth women visiting their salon for Hair Dye Colors is asking for RedHead style. This shade is getting popular among teenagers as an alternative to blonde hair color. Red is warm, hot, playful, romantic, attractive, flirtatious. The color of love, energy, determination  and confidence. It activates the inner passion and make you bold and magnetic. So it is said "A girl in red increases the boys heartbeat".

Transforming yourself to Readhead is getting popular among celebrities also. Stars like Riley Keough, Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan,Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Florence Welch, Christina Hendricks, Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and many more. Some celebs wearing blonde hair earlier also now opting for dark red hair January Jones, Rumer Willis, Ashlee Simpson and many more.

Watch out below for some Natural Hair Styles with Red hair Color.

Hair Tips:
Before applying hair color please remember these important points for best result.
1. See if your hair color suits you. Read How to choose best hair color for Natural Hair Styles.
2. If your hair was colored earlier and even if it is washed out it still can leave some residue. It is same for both permanent or Temporary Hair Color. So imagine what should be final color.  Think, if you had a blue hair color earlier and you want to apply red hair dye on it, the resulting color can come out as deep purple. Similarly an yellow color can create an orange color with red. In such case you can have a base color also to coverup the residues.
3. You must take into consideration how long you want to wear a read hair.
4. Do not apply dye on the day you shampoo your hair.

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