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In early stages of Natural Hair Dye people used to color their hair for covering grey or aged hair. But now has become a fashion trend. A perfectly colored hair means a healthy, shinning and bouncy hair which add lots of confidence to your appearance. In my earlier post I explained the basic ideas on how to choose best and Natural Hair Dye for you. Here I will share about the Hair Color Trends 2014, till now. Everyday new and unique colored hair featuring around us. It shows cute girls are experimenting their hair with new styles. As per my analysis the most opted hair colors are Red Hair Color, Light or Dark Brown Hair Color, Blonde colors, Brunette colors, Icy tones, Light to Dark Golden Hair and Special Effects Hair Dye.

At this point before proceeding further, I just want to remind you that just do not copy the celebrity hairstyles or any other famous person's hairstyle color. Before choosing any hair dye imagine that the how would you look after applying that dye.... judge by Personality and Life style, Skin tone, your eye color, the dress types you wear most.

Two Toned Hair Color

Light Up Dark Down

For this type of hair opt for darker shades like Dark Brown Hair Color or chocolate dye underneath and on it any lighter shades like Light Brown or Copper or bronze work well. This gives you Natural Hair Style look as the darker shade creates a shape for your face while the lighter shades on the top adds glow to it. This is best for girls with round, square or oval face type with warm skin tone. If you wish you can add some curls of flicks to it to make it more gorgeous and fashionable. But if you want to keep your hair straight then the lighter shades should be given more priority.

Dark Up Light Down

This hair dye is just opposite to the upper one and this is best suited for oblong and diamond face shapes. If you have fairer skin you try color combinations like honey-comb, coffee shades, golden hair dye for a celebrity look.

Mixed Shades

If you do not have Long Layered Haircuts you can opt for this colored hairstyles. This is actually go as you like style...that means you can use 2 or more hair dyes to create a new unique hairstyle which suits your face best. At the end of this post I have posted some mixed hair color photos for better idea.

Brunette Hair Colors

A Brunette Hair might be dark to light brown. Normally it is said to be chocolate brown color. Adding some golden shade as a single layer or more can bring huge impact on your style. Be careful if you have dark complex as a dark complex can not handle the golden color well. In that case a dark and light brown or reddish brown combination do well.
If you wish to wear dark colors and you have a fairer complex go for a dark brown colors instead of going black. Most of the dark brown hair colors looks like a Red Hair Color after the first wash. So try to add some blue-black color to it to intensify the brown. Instead of blue you can try adding some caramel or violet or even pink red color for more creativity.

Blonde Hair Colors

This hair style always go with white to lighter shades. The latest hair color trend says a golden touch makes the Blonde Hair more magnetic. Even some adds blue, pink or pale coral to it. To do a Dirty Blonde hair color just add a small amount of pink or Red Hair Color to the hair ends or to some layers. For a platinum hair, do not just add only rough white.... add some light pink or blue to it for better look.

Red Hair Color

If you are have extrovert nature and looking for a exotic natural hair styles you can just opt for a funky Redhead. This is one of the trendiest and mostly Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair. To create this awesome hair style look for a deep, burning copper with a Dark Brown Hair Color.  The best Red Hair Dyes in trend are nutmeg, cayenne and paprika. Though coppery red is more famous you can try pink-red combination. Add some fringe to your hair with different shade of same color like Purple. If you don't like dark red hair dye you can simply choose from lighter shades but do not do very light or it will look like a pink hair. Those who do not want to go funky can opt for red brown or red ombre color.

Special Effects Hair Dye

Depending upon needs, situations, occasions and taste hair may be colored differently with Unique Hair Colors. I call those Special Effects Hair Dye. If you wish to change your color regularly I suggest you to go for a safe hair dye ...if possible, go for a natural hair dye like Henna Hair Dye and Organic Hair Color or just look for a Semi Permanent Hair Color.  If it is not possible to get a natural one I suggest you to go for a skin test before applying. While asking for colors, be sure of if it is warm shade or cool shade. Then decide what do you want to create new and natural hair styles...... are you looking for a insidious essence or a more dramatic style? In both the cases maintain the contrast level high....mix the warm and cool shade properly. As example, a Dark Brown Color go well with warm vanilla color, even it seems those would not match with each other.

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Here are some examples of Hair Color Trends 2014 ........

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