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Dear Friends,  you will agree with me that Hair Dye Colors has become the trendy hairstyles of the era. No matter whether you have a short or long or even medium hair, a Natural Hair Dye can change your look to awesomeness. Even if you are having a dull, dry hair or just want to hide your white hair a hair color is the solution. Most of the time it is somehow difficult to pick the best hair color product.....there are so many to choose from. Though it's not that hard as it seems. Today I am going to  share some hair tips for hair dye with some artistic images. Please read on....

Steps to Get the Best Hair Dye:

1. Personality and Lifestyle

The first and most important thing is to analyze you personality and lifestyle. Always select a hair color that suits best to your personality. As example, if you are extravagant type you can pick a Golden, Deep Copper or Red Hair Color . Again for a calm and cool look you can choose Light Brown Hair Color, light golden brown, medium ash or light blue. For a hot look Dark Brown Hair Color and Golden Brown works good. Imagine yourself with these colors and the go for it. It is better to seek help from a hair stylist if you are going for Hair Dye Colors for the first time.

2. Skin Color

Do not ignore you skin color while going for a dye so that it can improve your face glow and look more confident.

If you have a cool toned skin you can opt for Natural Blue hair dye, Dark Brown Hair Color, Golden or Copper Hair Color etc. Medium ash colors also work well. For a warm skin tone you can have any shade of Red Hair Dye. You can mix some colors to make new natural hair styles also. I normally prefer a combination of light brown with golden tinges.

3. Eye color
Similar to skin color your eye color also very important while choosing the hair dye. Follow one basic rule: Darker the eyes, darker the hair color. If you want something new you can refer to skin color part for idea. Do not forget to take care of eyebrows also. Stylists advise a light-colored to average couscous tone for fair and light eyebrows. For dark complexions opt for black or deep brown color.

3. Dresses

Your hair color must match with the dress you are wearing. As example, all red and golden shades do well with dresses of red and yellow colors. Brown, white, platinum colors works well with black, blue or green.

5. Temporary or Permanent or Semi Permanent hair Color

If you are planning to color your hair for a special occasion like prom, wedding, date etc I suggest you go for a temporary hair color or opt for a Best Semi Permanent Hair Color looking to the above 4 points.

Hair Tips:
1. Never color your hair on the same day after washing.
2. If you want to go for a haircut, do it before applying dye.
3. Read the instructions of applying a Hair dye in the package inserts.
4. Never ever go for a cheap hair color.
5. Try to use natural hair dye like Henna Hair Dye if you have a sensitive hair. Some of the hair dye contain ammonia and /or peroxide which can affect your hair.

Here are some great Hair Dye Colors presented in a artistic way.
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