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Your hairstyle is considered as your fashion statement these days. Hairstyles 2014 trends are changing and reviving day by day with latest amendments. The prices for such trendy styles and cuts are touching the skies too. Your hair style can construct you or destruct you so pay for the right one. Check out some of the best Retro Hairstyles inspired natural hair styles for the year 2014 below.....

Retro Hairstyles 2015


Classic Updo Hairstyles

This is the style which is perfect for parties and other occasions but not a daily wear style. It has been in fashion since long. Ladies with medium and long hair usually carry this style well. Many Hollywood actresses seem to appear in award shows and different events wearing classic updo hairstyles..


Unique Hair Stencils

Hair stencils has been a very popular hair style in japan, Milan, London and Paris and now coming in fashion in U.S too. For obtaining this hair style, you need to get a stencil made which can be attached to your hair with a bold touch of colors and glitter. Tiger stripes, zebra linings and other animal prints are commonly used in this hair-do. It is dominantly applied on short hair. Different runway models are using stencils these days.


Wedge Haircut

As we all know that fashion revives itself, and so is done by this hairstyle which was very prevalent in 1970’s. Dorothy Hammil who was the apple of America’s eye showed great fondness towards Wedge haircut style. The wedge can catch the attention of people around you, more than your natural looks can. It is advised to keep a mild natural make up with this hair style.


Mullet Hairstyles for Girls

Mullet Hairstyles are mainly meant for Boys.... but in Hairstyles 2015 girls are also taking this style up. Some even say it "Fullet Hairstyles" ... lol. The mullet hairstyles which was considered to be dead in early 90’s, is making a surge again now. It really is a natural hair-do which requires low level of maintenance. In this hair style you get your hair short from the front and sides keep them long from the back. New york and Chicago etc are giving this hairstyle a rise these days. We don’t consider it a really inspiring hairstyle.


Short Bob Haircuts

This style seems to be appearing at recent award shows and though it’s a thriving 20’s style. Short Bob Haircuts has always been associated with stylishness and considered as a symbol of is really easy to uphold.  Any type of make- up can look amazing with this hairstyle. Many celebrities have worn this hairstyle once or more in any occasion.

Most of the hair-dos for a busy going 2015 are a revival of old fashion. Women prefer easy to manage styles with variety of choices to carry them.  A cut that can easily be twisted from one style to another for a unique and unprecedented look is what people want these days.  Most women prefer hairstyles which can do well with any kind of make-up. So enjoy playing with your Hairstyles 2015 in the best possible way with a combination of old and new hairstyles.

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