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Hair loss and baldness has been a very widespread problem among males since centuries. But now the problem of hair loss in women is becoming common as well. Studies show that over 25% of females start losing their hair just at the age of 30. Different harmful chemical products in shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, artificial foods and many more factors are contributing a lot in spreading the hair loss problem. In most cases the problem of hair fall and hair thinning is curable and avoidable. Just a little care and few tips are required to be followed to get Healthy Hair. Read on....

How to get Healthy Hair

1. We often overlook the importance of healthy and balance diet for a glowing skin and vigorous hair. Healthy diet keeps you safe from number of problems including hair loss. You really need to take care of your diet and add necessary nutrition to it. Try to keep a check that you are not eating anything that contains excess of vitamin A and E, as it contributes to cause hair fall problem. Add intake of olives, coconut and fish in your diet. 2. Wet hair are weaker than dry hair. Avoid brushing your hair when they are wet. When your hair are dry but smooth only then start brushing your hair smoothly and gently move from roots to the tips.

3. Avoid having the intake of hazardous toxins which can cause an increase in your hair fall problem. Tobacco and cigarette contain such toxins so they should be strictly averted. Similarly usage of alcohol and some drugs can also weaken your hair and lessen the life of your hair.

4. Do not carry such hairstyles which involve excessive pulling of your worthy hair. If your hair are too tightly pulled they could lead to heavy hair follicle damage and roughness. When hair are damaged and rough the chances of their breakage get really high. So take care of your hair.

5. Avoid using extra chemicals on your hair. Hair styling products including hair perming lotion and permanent color contain harmful chemicals which can cause serious damage to your hair if used frequently. Try not to use these products again and again at least before 6-8 months.

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6.  Shampoo is good for getting your hair neat and clean. But too much frequent use of shampoo can create harmful effects. Don’t use much of shampoo. You can use conditioner to smoothen your hair but don’t even use conditioner on daily basis. Reduce the usage of any sort of chemical in order to avoid lessen the problem of hair loss.

7. good blood circulation is mandatory in order to maintain healthy hair. To improve the blood circulation you need to massage your hair and scalp with good ayurvedic hair oil. It also plays a role of natural hair conditioner.

8. Deficiency of zinc may cause severe hair loss.  Zinc is really important for attaining healthy hair. Try to get supplements and shampoos which contain zinc so that you can get sufficient amount of zinc required to maintain healthy hair and reduce the problem of hair fall. Natural zinc containing foods like sunflower seed , fish, oatmeal, spinach, and champignon mushrooms can fulfill your deficiency of zinc well.
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