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Hair Colors is an important part of latest fashion and Brown Hair Colors has turned to be Top of the Hair Color Trends. Today I have picked Top 14 Brown Hair Colors and also included some wonderful hair tips to help you get the best brown hair.

Neutral Browns
A neutral brown hair color is a natural brown hair with light melodious touch. Light, medium and dark are the three types brown color can mainly be composed of with the obvious possibility of limitless shades. The tone of this shade is not too much red, dark or light instead it’s neutral and natural.

Dark Brown Hair Color
Dark brown is considered to be the heaviest shade of neutral brown. This color us stress-free to manage and maintain as it reflects much light than other tones of brown due to which it appear more glossy and glitzy.

Medium Brown
Medium brown is considered as the most simple and natural shade of brown color. It’s modest yet beautiful. After jet black, it is the second most common tone of brown hair in the world. You can wear any type of dress with this shade of hair as its chocolaty tendency can be mish mashed with almost any type of color.

Light Brown Hair Color
Dark eyes and light skin tome compliment this shade of brown more than anything. It gives a lighter shade to your face also. Light brown is usually associated with sound health and astuteness. It makes a person appear much admired and cherished.

Ash Brown Hair Colors
Ash brown is not a natural shade of brown and people carrying it mostly look having streaked or high—lighted. It’s usually adopted by the people having grey hair naturally. It has a light dark and medium tone as well. Depending on what suits your persona, you can try it.

Dark Ash Brown
To appear younger and energetic, you can have this dark ash brown shade with different combinations. Contrast is the superlative benefit of dark brown hair. You can contrast it with profound earthy brown tone and light brown highlights.

Medium Ash Brown
Medium brown is an unbelievably adaptable shade of hair as it can be blended with almost any type of dressing. They look really appealing with long curls. It also adds energy and versatility to your appearance with the most delicate looks.

Light Ash Brown
It is a fabulous idea to turn your hair color into Light ash brown. It effectively makes you look splendid if merged with other dark colors streaks or highlights.

Reddish Brown Hair Color
Reddish brown hair, also known as Auburn, can go with variety of skin tones and eye colors. Titian, maroon ,chestnut ,burgundy and purplish red all are included in reddish brown shades.

Dark Reddish Brown
If you are having a lack of vibrancy in your natural hair color, feel confident to apply dark reddish brown shade. It’s a wonderful color for bold personalities that can add a touch of spiciness and wildness. People having light brown eyes and light complexion can wonderfully carry it making themselves a center of attention everywhere.

Medium Reddish Brown
In other shades medium is normally considered as a middle color, but when you are thinking of reddish brown, it can be more vibrant and sound than even dark reddish brown. It is mostly more visible and prominent in sunlight or heavy light. It’s a natural shining and glossy shade. It can go well with different skin tones and can give your face a soft and sweet look.

Light Reddish Brown
Light reddish brown is the most beautiful color a girl can wear. If you have got bored with your current rough and damaged hair, try to renew them with a beautiful touch of lovely red. Right color reflects light a lot and can make you captivating in every one’s eyes.

Golden Brown Hair Color
Golden brown is actually more light-colored than brown. It complements more to the light skin tones. Carrying a fun loving brunette within it, golden brown is a medium brown color mixed with blonde to produce a wonderful effect on your hair.

Caramel Brown
Caramel color, which is composed of red, blonde and brown, is an overwhelming color which can be difficult to pull off, but still people want to have it because of its hotness. It can complement almost every type of skin tone and can add blazing touch to your appearance.

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