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We are really excited to enjoy cold weather but at the same time we remain very tensed to maintain our hair as the weather in winter remains cold, dry and colorless (white snow everywhere). We see maximum hair-fall during cold. Our hair starts looking dull, lifeless. The snow tries to get the best of us when it comes maintaining hair style. Some dare to go for short hairstyles or add some layers or add some dark shed color. But this winter do not be I have hand picked some cute girls hairstyles for winter which will take care of all those tension elements. Do not to imagine these hairstyles are ‘outside of the box’. These cute and easy hairstyles we use now-n-then but with some tweaks..... If you are uncertain to choose right cut or color that works for your hair styles and face types, just catch one of hairstyles below. Make sure to recheck your winter hairstyle ideas by your hairstylist before wearing.

Now, while talking about hairstyle trend for winter, there are a lot of trendy hairstyles to choose, I’ve narrowed it down to Top 12 favorite hairstyles that I must share with you. Remember, in this section I am pointing not only on winter hairstyles for long hair but also medium and short hair styles. Yes, you can go for trimming your hair to short hairstyles as it's tough to maintain very long lock. Besides, everyone choose to have short hairstyle in winter looking to its careless benefit.

So, this wintertime, try these cool hairstyle trends to enhance your appeal and to look smart and fashionable.

1. Bang Hairstyles
Hair bangs is the most preferred and easy hairstyles for long hair. These look really smart and magnetic in winter but long outdoor stay can ruin your hair health as the winter takes away the moisture from it.

2. BOB Hairstyles
In winters most of us just think of having haircut to short hairstyles. Bob hairstyles is most famous because of its carefree, relaxed and smart feel. But bob hairstyles do not match every face type. So consult any hairstylist before you try this one.
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3. Old School Hairstyles
In Earlier winter days these hairstyles were being used widely. These are mainly bun hairstyles. It helps to hold the moisture and thus hair looks more healthy and glowing.

4. Loose Ponytail Hairstyles
Loose ponytails look chic and light but not suitable for outdoors. Those who spend indoor maximum can try these cute hairstyles.

5. Colored Hairstyles
The hair color actually can protect your hair in winter but do not use poor quality hair color. It can rather damage your hair. The color creates a layer on hair and thus the chill can not affect you hair. Best suitable for them who spend a lot outdoor.
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6. Middle Part Hairstyles
These are the part hairstyles which we all know...the trick is to hold the hair tight, closer to help keep it moisturized. A dry hair looks dull and malnourished. These hairstyles will protect your hair.

7. Simple Ponytail Hairstyles
Find below the simple ponytail hairstyles for winter.

8. Right Part Hairstyles 
Like middle part hairstyles it's just right part....just keep it tight to maintain proper moisture level.

9. Relaxed Blow Hairstyles
These are simple waterfall hairstyles....I call these 'Blow hairstyles' as the trick remains in the haircut. The inner hair is trimmed and so the outside it looks full and from inside it is light. These hairstyles are suitable for indoor.

10. Left Part Hairstyles
Earlier you have seen middle and right part hairstyles...these are left part hairstyles.  The basics are same....keep these tight and hold the moisture.

11. Cute Updo Hairstyles
Updos are actually all season hairstyles. You can wear it in any season. In winter you need to keep the updos tight to preserve moisture. See the examples below

12. Wet Look Hairstyles
Wet look is generally done with hair gels. This has 2 benefits...firstly, it keeps our hair moisturized, thus looks healthy and another it gives us a long fresh look.

Hair Accessories for Winter
In winter you can use any hair accessories but those should hold our hair tight. This helps preserve moisture which is mostly required during the Dry cold atmosphere. Find below 2 simple examples.

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