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Friends, today, I am going to share my pick of the month: 12 cute and easy updos for long hair.. Updos for long hair can be simple and relaxed at times, again, it can be magnetic, gorgeous and cute if dressed properly. Though updos can be done in numerous ways and numerous styles, I have picked only 12 of them which are easy to create and provides a cute look. Updo hairstyles can be a great choice if you're bored with your daily hairstyles. You can wear different hairstyles everyday looking to your social or working needs.

I have picked some famous updo hairstyles, as named messy bun updos, braided updos, loose updos, braided bun updos, low chignon, low twisted updos, simple knot and many more. Most of these updos can be done at your home and without any help of others. For those who can not understand how to do (mainly schoolgirls with long hair) I am giving some short guide to help them to do yourself.

Have a look........

Updo Hairstyle Image 1

To create the hairstyle like Hairstyle Image 1, twist your hair back on both sides of your head, but remember not to create any partition. Then hold them into a bun at the root of your neck...

Updo Hairstyle Image 2

Updo Hairstyle Image 3

To create simple messy bun updos like Hairstyle Image 3 back-comb your hair to create a loose ponytail and the twist it at the end to a loose messy bun. It's so simple!

Updo Hairstyle Image 4

Hairstyle Image 4 is a great example of braided bun updos. To create this cute girls hairstyle just create 2 french braids and then create a bun with the ends of both buns. Hold the updo with some bobby pins.

Updo Hairstyle Image 5

I have put some new hairstyles for Loose updos e.g. Hairstyle Image 5. It may look hard to create but, believe me it's really easy. Just create a few loose strands and hold them with hair pin as per your wish and you'll be amazed to discover a new gorgeous, fashionable looses updo hairstyle for you.

Updo Hairstyle Image 6

Some think, simple knots are out dated. OK, if a simple knot isn't fancy enough, try your hairstyle with multi twist bun (Hairstyle Image 6). To do this, just twist your ponytail into 2 hair strands, braid with each other and twist them into a bun and you are done.

Updo Hairstyle Image 7

Updo Hairstyle Image 8

Image 8 is best suited for medium length hair. This is twisted, low updo hairstyle that works best with colored hairs as it enhances the spark of the hairstyle. Just side part the hair from front-side of your head and create a little lift at the root and you are done.

Updo Hairstyle Image 9

Updo Hairstyle Image 10

Updo Hairstyle Image 11

Updo Hairstyle Image 12

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