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Are you looking for a new updo hairstyle for long hair? With your long hair long, it's very easy for you to put on a ponytail and i am sure, most of the time you are wearing it. It's easy to create as just tie your hair up and go out. Updos are also as easy as the ponytails. Some'll not believe me but today I am going to prove it. Today I am going to share 3 Cute and Easy Updos for Long Hair Video Tutorial...all the updo hairstyles can be created in less than 2 minutes and without any help of others. Have a look.

If you're going out for a night party, getting married, attending to a conventional celebration, going to workplace, or just enjoying on the sea beach, your hair must appear astounding with an updo. Updos can be worn with long hair or medium length hair. Updos for long hair is proven to be ever-green and graceful....updos never go outdated.
Updos can be wear in all seasons. In summer, an effortless updo will hold the hair away your neck to display your cute neckline. Again in winter updos hold your hair tight to protect your cute hair from dry weather. Easy updos mainly has a twist, a bit rapier, and some hair pins for grip. You are able to add to the look with eye-popping earrings.

Easy Updos for Long Hair 1: French Twist 

One of the cutest in updo hairstyles is the "French Twist Updos for long hair," which looks amazing on any type of hair styles and face shapes. To create this updo hairstyle, just carefully watch the french twists made. Then hold the hairstyle with bobby pins or any other hairpins of your choice. This hairstyle needs less than 1 minute to create. If you are practiced it can take less than that also. While trying out French twist hairstyle for long hair, after you've shampooed and conditioned your hair, blow dry it to add up more volume. And then untangle your hair by brushing it with a wide comb to give it a smooth, soft look. Read 5 Easy Steps to Cute French Twist Hairstyle

Easy Updos for Long Hair 2: Braided Bun

At the first place, before you try out "Braided Bun updo hairstyle", the finer way to shampoo your hair so there is a silky feel. Besides, this rules out all the knotting and matting of hair. There is nothing more to explain...Just watch the video and you'll find that this braided bun updo is so easy that it needs no explanation.
Messy hairstyles has become a trend today. Everybody is trying different styles of messy hairstyles. This "Messy Bun Updo Hairstyle" is the easiest ever. Though it is not fully messy hairstyle. A small portion is left out for a neat but messy look. This is suitable for office and school. For a gorgeous Messy Bun hairstyle please read my earlier post Cute Easy Messy Bun Hairstyle for School Video Tutorial

Easy Updos for Long Hair 3: Simple Bun Updos

This video tutorial actually 2 video tutorials on "Bun Updos for Long Hair". Both of the hairstyles need less than 1 minutes to create. Have a look. For a gorgeous Bun Updo hairstyle please visit my earlier post Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

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