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Kim Kardashian never stops exposing her voguish sweetheart look and cute long hairstyles. Her magnetic and bold beauty makes her one of the most talked celebrities. Her hairdos also make no exception. All the time she comes out of her home she wears a perfect hairstyle for long hair which adds more attraction to her sophistication.
Today I have picked a few cute hairstyles for long hair inspired by Kim Kardashian. As you know, most of the time she just leaves her hair straight. Today I have also added a hairstyle video tutorial on a rare Kim Kardashian inspired half updo hairstyle which she wore during her 30th birthday.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Hairstyles

10 Kim Kardashian Inspired Hairstyles.

Elegant Long Straight Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian wore the above and the top photo hairstyles on MTV Movie Awards 2013. This beautiful hairstyles were created only with blow waves. The chopped shoulder length layers through the face and sides creates a curve shape below the jawline and compliments the length. The smoothed over layers to the side create a long bang like feel to give a oval face look which soften the cheek and makes out the final look as "Magnificent".

These adorable played up hairstyles are simply blown nicely to create a cute wavy look and drawn over one shoulder flashing the long layers to the both sides and face to brighten the and cover the face partially. This smooth and cute hairstyle is suitable for every special function and is extremely easy to manage. But do not forget to trim on regular basis, may be, every second month.

This hairstyle is the most easy but most effective for the girls with round face. It is created by blow waving the hair from root to tip and pushed to one side so that the layer rests on one shoulder.This cute and easy hairstyle also needs regular trimming to maintain the length of the layers. This also can be used as hairstyles for middle length hair.

Effortless Long Straight Hairstyles

To create this hairstyle just blow wave your hair and then leave the layers from the side of the face. Left out it to go over the shoulders. Try adding some shining hair spray to complete the look. This is a cute hairstyle is also good for round face as it covers most part of the lower cheek.

Elegant Long Wavy Hairstyles

I believe everybody having long hair like waves. Super Celeb Kim Kardashian is also not an exception. In this hairstyle waves are added to the sides and back so that it can bounce. This hairstyle is great for girls with long face types and who wants a hairstyle with fullness and volume. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and can be easily created if you have small experience on how to curl your hair with hot iron.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Easy Half Updo Hairstyles for Long Hair Video Tutorial

Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyle

In this video tutorial I tried to explain how the above Kim Kardashian inspired half updo hairstyle can be done easily and without any help of others. Please Like and Share if you like this hairstyle video tutorial.

Here are some more Kim Kardashian Hairstyles photo gallery....

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