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Prom is one of those memorable events in a woman’s life where she can display her most dazzling and most captivating side that no one might ever see again for a long time. If you want to create a lasting impression in the memories of the people who once shared your colorful and vibrant youth, then you need a great hairdo to make everything perfect.

Polished Ponytails for Prom

If you want a simple hairstyle with all the element of sophistication, then the polished pony is the one you need. This hairstyle is especially suitable for someone who has a gorgeously flawless skin.
To achieve this, you need to put on a smoothing product to your damp hair then blow dry with a round brush.
Iron the ends to make your locks super straight and sleek. Once the hair is dry, pull it into a pony tail a little near your nape then secure it with a clear elastic band.
Gather some hair to wrap around the elastic band to conceal it and fasten the wrapped hair with a hair pin.

Ponytail Variations

There’s a variation of this style, instead of gathering all the hair, you can gather only the top half or your hair into a high pony leaving the lower half flowing freely. Gently secure it with an elastic band, and then gather some of your hair to conceal the band and fasten it with a hair pin.
Brush the pony tail and the free flowing hair together to blend them well in a seamless cascade.

Straight Hairstyles and Alluring for Straight Hair

A sleek and flowing straight hair is already alluring on its own and that made it into the list of timeless hairstyle beauties. Just put some spray on your straight hair to hold the style you want without using any pin or elastic band.

Straight Hairstyles and Alluring for Wavy Hair

If you don’t possess a natural straight hair and only got wavy one, then you can do something about your current hair and make it straight, just for the evening. You can iron your hair section by section until you achieve the kind of straight look you need. You can lightly spray it just to make sure that it will hold.
Take note that if you have curly hair, mere ironing might only make the straight style last for one to two hours. It is best to try other hairstyles for your curly hair.

Roman Ponytail for Prom

This hairstyle creates an aura of a strong-willed enchantress who can charm onlookers with just one look. It is simple yet it can wield a powerful presence.
Comb your hair to create a sleek high ponytail. Use a fine-toothed comb to smooth away any bumps.
Lightly run a pomade or gel over your hair to fend off frizz.
Tie a long metallic silk cord (about more than twice as long as your pony) that will leave two long pieces on each side. Crisscross your way down the ponytail’s end. Wrap the cord around a few times near the ponytail’s end, knot then cut the excess cord. Gently loosen the hair with cord to make it look fuller.

Chic Pouf Hairstyles

If you want height and pizzazz to your hairdo, then chic pouf is the one for you. It can give an aura of elegance without going overboard.
Add pomade to your hair to make it shine. Comb the top half of your hair then secure it with pin at your crown. The idea is to create some volume at the front.
Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and secure it with elastic band but don’t pull the ponytail all the way, spread the hair out and make a fan shape (the loose end of the ponytail must be concealed behind the fan-shaped hair tucked in the band).
Gently tame any flyaways hair using a stick.

Sleek Twist Hairstyles for Prom

Sleek twist is great for creating an elegant look while giving off an aura of innocence.
You need to use anti-frizz gel or cream on your hair to keep it smooth. Part your hair on the side and you need to split it into two and make pigtails, don’t secure it with bands.
Starting from your temples all the way at the back, you need to twist your hair on each side.
As you reach your nape, twist it tighter until the hair coils. Use pins to secure the coils at the back. Mist it with shimmer spray to make it sparkle.

Double-Knotted Updo Hairstyles

If you want something different and still maintain the aura of elegance, then the double-knotted updo might just do the trick.
Run some volumizing cream on the stands of your damp hair to give it some grip. Blow-dry your hair roughly afterwards to achieve the needed texture.
Divide your hair at the back to form two ponytails (not pigtails), with one almost on top of the other. Knot them together.
Twist each pony tail and make a messy bun out of them and secure them with pins, then finish it with some hair spray.

Woven Braided Hairstyles

If you want a romantic and sweet look, then woven braid is prefect for you. It is easy to do and will let you exude your charm to the fullest.
Gather your hair on each side and make a wide French braid and secure it with an elastic band. Make sure that the braid’s end is near ear level.
Gently loosen the braid and make it shimmer with some shine spray.

Ballerina Bun Hairstyles

This simple hairstyle can fit anyone. It is easy to do and can make you look sophisticated.
Pull your hair to create a high ponytail, make it tight. Twist the hair and make a bun. Leave some strands of hair to wrap the outside of the bun. Secure it using pins.

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