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Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyle

Few days back when I wrote about Top 10 Kim Kardashian Inspired Hairstyles some of you requested how to do this Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyle shown in the video tutorial. So in today's post I am going to show the detailed instructions on this cute celebrity hairstyle.

This cute and easy hairstyle is mainly updo for long hair which can be done easily at home. Besides, this easy hairstyle for long hair needs very less time. So it is also suitable for school or college. Well, let us start then....I have also added the video again to help you understand better.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyle with Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions for This Hairstyle

Step 1 :

Take a rectangular section of hair from the front of the head and hold it with a clip. This part of hair will be used later.

Step 2 :

Now tie up your hair at the highest point you can tie and place it on your crown. Brush it to make it smooth. If you have naturally dry hair it can be tough to make it smooth. In that case you can use some light hair gel.

Step 3 :

Then add another section of hair from the side and tie to the ponytail created but make it half way down the head. So now we have created hair parts which will help us to create the final look.

Step 4 :

Now take both the hair extension created in step 2 & 3 and place the step 2 hair over step 3. Then hold it with rubber band. Then start wrapping the rest hair. If needed use rubber band to hold those also. Repeat this process for all the hair extensions left. This will add instant volume to your hair.

Step 5 :

Take a small part of hair and wrap it around the root of the ponytail created. This will hide the rubber bands.

Step 6 :

So we have completed the long sleek ponytail. Now we will work with the clipped hair we separated in the Step 1. Firstly brush it to make it smooth. You may need to use some hair spray here. Workout in small sections, smoothen it, set it and pin it onto the top the ponytail, one by one. Do not try the whole section at'll be tough to create the bun shape.

Step 7:

By now we have finished with all the sections over the head. Now we'll work with the front part of the head and create a quiff. Start to tease and smooth the front part. Use some hair spray hair. When it is smooth enough pin it at 3/4th portion just pushing it a bit to forehead. And the quiff is ready and you are done.

Final Look

This cute girl hairstyle has a special feature that no one can see any rubber band or hair clip from outside. It's really flawless and smooth. I know, for the first timer it may be a little tough but if you follow the hairstyle video tutorial properly you can master it easily. Try this Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyle today and catch the eyes of the people around you. You are a celebrity today.

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