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One of the best considered natural hair styles is Cute Braided Hairstyle. Though it’s a long and time taking procedure to get your hair micro braided but still women of all ages and eras have shown their deep interest and fondness towards micro braids fashion. Achieving micro braids, which is also known as “Invisible braids”, involves making a large number of narrow and fragile braids as a result of which heavy and volumized hair are being produced at very low cost.

Braiding your hair is playful and can give you a splendid look. French Braid Hairstyles are considered to be the most typical type of braids. In order to know How To French Braid Hair, you need to attempt it primarily on your friend or any sibling. Practice is the only key to become skilled at perfect French braid. You need to have patience to learn this complicated hair-do. You might find it difficult at first but the results are really fruitful in terms of the advantage of carrying French braid in variety of occasions.

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What you need to do first is to clean and dry your hair with best natural hair products. Then to make braiding less problematic and more enhanced you are required to straight your wavy or curly hair by combing it softly. You may use hair gel to fix the minute hair spread everywhere on your head. Subsequently use your finger tips to remove tangles that could become a barrier in your way of making braids.

Once your hair have been combed properly, make 0.3 inch section of your hair that is positioned just above your forehead or at the back of your bangs. Then divide the chosen section in three even parts. Equal fragments are the main input to get a great output in terms of French braids. Start by taking the left fragment and placing it between the left index finger and thumb. Then hold the right section and place it among the suitable index finger and thumb.

Now you need to let the core fragment resides even against the head. Then pull the right part over the middle section and place it between the left index and middle fingers. Then take the left section and cross it over the middle section therefore making it the middle partition. Each time you place one partition over the other, don’t forget to drag away the partitions to the ends to keep the hair tight. You need to continue placing the left segment over the center and then the right over the center in a repetitive manner until you reach the base of the hair.

Then finally when all the braids are made, secure them with a ponytail holder. In order to achieve smoothest braids it is advised to keep the hair snuggly fit while completing the whole braiding process.
However, braiding your hair may give you an attractive and funky appearance but you need to ensure first that before braiding, your hair are in a really good condition and carefully handled. Otherwise braiding will end up damaging your hair severely.

Please keep in mind these Hair Tips while making Cute Braided Hairstyles :  Do not create too much tight braids may cause you hair fall as well as headache. Your hair is one of the most precious gift from God, so love it and treat it with fragility. Make suitably tight braids so that you can get the best results with least damage.

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In my last video on Cute Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair I got some feedback that it's not that easy to create a braid. That's why I have added some videos here to help you understand the braiding process better. Please have a look....

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