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Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair with Red Hair Color? Most of the celebrity hair stylists say that the demand for the Red Hair Dye is increasing everyday and about one in every fourth women visiting their salon for Hair Dye Colors is asking for RedHead style. This shade is getting popular among teenagers as an alternative to blonde hair color. Red is warm, hot, playful, romantic, attractive, flirtatious. The color of love, energy, determination  and confidence. It activates the inner passion and make you bold and magnetic. So it is said "A girl in red increases the boys heartbeat".

In early stages of Natural Hair Dye people used to color their hair for covering grey or aged hair. But now has become a fashion trend. A perfectly colored hair means a healthy, shinning and bouncy hair which add lots of confidence to your appearance. In my earlier post I explained the basic ideas on how to choose best and Natural Hair Dye for you. Here I will share about the Hair Color Trends 2014, till now. Everyday new and unique colored hair featuring around us. It shows cute girls are experimenting their hair with new styles. As per my analysis the most opted hair colors are Red Hair Color, Light or Dark Brown Hair Color, Blonde colors, Brunette colors, Icy tones, Light to Dark Golden Hair and Special Effects Hair Dye.

Dear Friends,  you will agree with me that Hair Dye Colors has become the trendy hairstyles of the era. No matter whether you have a short or long or even medium hair, a Natural Hair Dye can change your look to awesomeness. Even if you are having a dull, dry hair or just want to hide your white hair a hair color is the solution. Most of the time it is somehow difficult to pick the best hair color product.....there are so many to choose from. Though it's not that hard as it seems. Today I am going to  share some hair tips for hair dye with some artistic images. Please read on....

Prom night is a special night for every girl going to attend it. It’s a golden chance for her to show the glamor and bring out the best of her. Every prom girl wants to appear at prom as a shining star which must be so captivating that it catches the attention of all at first glance.

Just like your dress and jewelry, your hairstyles for prom must be a noticeable thing too.  The foot wear you wear, the make-up you do, and the dress you carry should perfectly be complimenting with you hair-do for a delightful and superb look you want to attain.

One of the best considered natural hair styles is Cute Braided Hairstyle. Though it’s a long and time taking procedure to get your hair micro braided but still women of all ages and eras have shown their deep interest and fondness towards micro braids fashion. Achieving micro braids, which is also known as “Invisible braids”, involves making a large number of narrow and fragile braids as a result of which heavy and volumized hair are being produced at very low cost.

Fashion keeps on changing and styles keeps on getting a modified touch with the changing time. Same is true with the hairstyles. That era has over now when the best hairstyle considered for a particular occasion was to leave the hair open and loose. It’s a time for some change!

In today’s modern era we can see women embracing elegant hairstyles, even in small level events. It is considered to be fortunate having a medium length hair as girls can wear various styles depending on the cuts and shape of their face. Medium length hair is commonly defined as a hair length between the jawbone and collarbone. It gives you plenty of choices for hair styling.

There are a plethora of medium extent hair styles that can capture gracefulness and delicacy for women of all ages. It is considered as most comfortable hair length as women find it better than carrying very long or short hair. Medium length hair is popular mainly because it can be unified with the marvelous mishmash of trends and designs. Just a combination of some styling products can embellish beautifully your medium length hair cut.

Tips for Medium length hair styles:

Full and Natural Hair Styles:
This is the medium hair style for thin hair. First of all, start with wetting your hair. Make segments of your hair from the mid or side, and comb. Use hair gel or spray on the roots of your hair (top and bottom) to volumize the hair. Let it dry until it’s just a bit moist. Now brush your hair with big round hair brush to give a blow dry look. When you find your hair full of volume and waves, apply a smoothing cream to the tips and 2-3 inches above and then end it with a lovely natural touch.

Modern and Sleek Hairstyles:
Start with blow drying your hair as described in the “full and natural” section above. Don’t forget to plug-in your flat iron and setting it at its fullest before you go for drying your hair. After drying your hair take the straightening iron and use it following the curve of your head, thus making an arc. Keep your face balance and straight so that the curves you are giving to your hair through straighter remain even.  In the end, apply a fine quality soothing cream, preferably the one containing silicon in it, to add a shiny glow without affecting the straightness of your hair.

Romantic and Cute Girl Hairstyles:
Having curly hair naturally is beautiful gift. If you are having one then consider yourself lucky and try to modify it. Apply the hair gel that is curl-improving and then dry using a diffuser to get romantic look and loveable curls.
If you are having straight hair, then start with drying your hair. Part your hair in sections and then apply the hair gel that is curls improving and volumizing, to get your hair curled with hot rollers. When the rollers get normal from hot, unroll them softly. Let your hair have rest for a while until they cool down completely and then use your finger tips to split them gently for a messy look. Avoid using hair brush but you can spray lightly to set and secure your gorgeous curls.
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Layered Medium Hairstyles:
A stunning way to make your medium length hair more charming is a slick multi cut layers. Feisty layers can really be playful with medium length hair as they can add versatility to your appearance.  Seek advice from your hair dresser about the way you should dress up medium length hair with different types of layers.

Everyday Natural Hair Styles:
The greatest and the most obvious benefit of medium length hair is its ease. You can simply let your hair flow naturally around your face and neck for a casual and retro look. You can also apply a wet gel pomade to damp your hair and look amazing within no time. Women who don’t want to give much time t o hair styling can simply keep medium length hair with a fine cut and can still look glorious. There are number of daily hairstyles you can wear with medium length hair including perms, side bun, bob, shag, razor and French twist. You can use streaks and colorful extensions as well for a funky look. Go for medium length hair and catch the attention of everyone around you with your appealing and delightful looks.

I have added some hairstyle video tutorials which will help you to create natural medium hairstyles easily

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