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Dear Friends, today I am going to share my new Video tutorial on Cute Braided Hairstyle for Short Hair . Normally it's tough to find any braided hairstyle for short hairstyles but today I tried to create an idea on this. Hope you will like this short hairstyle.

Your hairstyle is considered as your fashion statement these days. Hairstyles 2014 trends are changing and reviving day by day with latest amendments. The prices for such trendy styles and cuts are touching the skies too. Your hair style can construct you or destruct you so pay for the right one. Check out some of the best Retro Hairstyles inspired natural hair styles for the year 2014 below.....

Welcome and embrace 2014 with new Runway-inspired Spring Hairstyles. These natural hair styles may include ponytails, muddled buns, half up and half down, silky waves, cute braids, side part, and other hair embellishment accessories. Runway hairstyles are not only very impressive and captivating but also very easy to carry. In this article you may be able to find various styles keeping in consideration 2014 hair trends.

Braided Hairstyles are here again, originally braided hair styles were from African American culture, it is worn by people of all cultures. The braided hair styles are still fashionable in today’s trend and can add more beauty to your look if properly worn. It is a fashion style that will always be in vogue. The style can be worn by both genders, women and men in many different forms and sure will add a touch of creative style to your appearance. The good news is that there are suitable braids hair styles for people with long hair, medium sized hair and short hair. Age is not a barrier as the styles are great on both the young and old. To get a suitable braided hair style for yourself involves a process, which depends on your choice and your hair size. It is certainly not cheap but the outcome is worth the price.

The fashion world is changing everyday and so the Swimsuits for Women. Since inception of swimwear (guessed to be in 1687) it has become a separate fashion segment. Still deciding the best swimsuit for your body can be a scaring task for almost all women. The main reason may be the most swimsuits available in the marketplace are one-size-fit-all type which may not fit your body perfectly. Secondly, it is really confusing is to choose the right cut and color. We want to appear as modest, still attractive and hot. But, remember, wearing a modest swimsuit does not mean that we need to wear a full-body one piece bathing suit. On the contrary, a short, 2 piece suit with right fit and color can make you look more humble.

Today, I have picked Top 25 Swimsuits for Women, trending this year .... Swimsuits 2014

As hairstyles are bringing revolution with the passage of time, hair extensions are becoming more and more admirable. If you are among those who have not tried putting colors to your life by dressing up with long hair extensions, this post can provide you many reasons to get those.

Have you ever thought of dyeing your hair with Red Hair Color? Most of the celebrity hair stylists say that the demand for the Red Hair Dye is increasing everyday and about one in every fourth women visiting their salon for Hair Dye Colors is asking for RedHead style. This shade is getting popular among teenagers as an alternative to blonde hair color. Red is warm, hot, playful, romantic, attractive, flirtatious. The color of love, energy, determination  and confidence. It activates the inner passion and make you bold and magnetic. So it is said "A girl in red increases the boys heartbeat".

In early stages of Natural Hair Dye people used to color their hair for covering grey or aged hair. But now has become a fashion trend. A perfectly colored hair means a healthy, shinning and bouncy hair which add lots of confidence to your appearance. In my earlier post I explained the basic ideas on how to choose best and Natural Hair Dye for you. Here I will share about the Hair Color Trends 2014, till now. Everyday new and unique colored hair featuring around us. It shows cute girls are experimenting their hair with new styles. As per my analysis the most opted hair colors are Red Hair Color, Light or Dark Brown Hair Color, Blonde colors, Brunette colors, Icy tones, Light to Dark Golden Hair and Special Effects Hair Dye.

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